Tuesday 29 March 2022

Community Sponsorship

Community Sponsorship gives power to local people to resettle a refugee family in their neighbourhood. Communities work together to support the family as they settle into their new community, by providing befriending, encouragement and practical help.

Nolander is a community-sponsored initiatives to provide practical, financial and emotional support for refugees. 

We offer a vulnerable refugee family the opportunity to rebuild their lives in the UK. It transforms the lives of both the family and volunteers. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Directly increase the number of refugees who can safely resettle to the UK
  2. A tangible, practical way to respond to the global refugee crisis
  3. Make maximum use of the capacity, commitment and networks of citizens to help refugees
  4. Improve the chances of refugees to settle in, learn English and find work
  5. Strengthens community bonds
  6. Send a strong message that refugees are welcome in the UK and build more open communities over time

Watch this video for more information about community sponsorship and how it works:

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