Thursday 9 February 2023

Afghan Storytelling


Storytelling lets me share the stories of my family and friends; it helps me conjure up narratives from the depth of my memory which I had always thought was injured, broken and buried. I learn a lot from story telling and it helps me gain insight into myself and I do hope others enjoy and learn from it too. It helps me create something useful out of my experiences. I believe our sufferings, pain and disappointments should not be defining us but an experinece that make us more powerful and insightful. I use storytelling to acknowledge my sorrows and pain and give it a place it deserve where it evokes laughter  and inviting other to join in the laughter.

Story telling tradition is a vibrant way of evolving narrative and creating bonds in the community. The storytelling tradition give narrative to our culture. it gives texture and depth to our lives. its an intersection of real and surreal, natural and supernatural enabling us to explore unconventional believes. these stories change as they are told depending on the teller and place. In Afghanistan stories are told with humour but also a reverence for the past. Humour develops when life is absurd or when we can’t make a full and rounded meaning of a situation. Humour reinforces bonds between people and a way to test the boundaries. 

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