Tuesday 29 March 2022

Building the group

I was thinking of asking freinds and family as my starting point; I am also going to knock on neighbours’ doors to see if they are interested. I will be using social media to get the word out and recruit volunteers. once I a few people committed I will set up a WhatsApp group so we can liaise, communicate and arrange meetings. I am aiming for a core group of 8-10 members. I am hoping as we develop and move along the way, more volunteers and befrienders will join, growing the number to 35-40 members!

I have spoken with freinds and strangers about community sponsorship and most are unfamiliar with the scheme. thats why I decided to set up this little website to upload regular information. I have also notice that almost everyone I have spoken with have offered help and support. 

In many ways, building the group is the single most important part of the community sponsorship journey. You will endure many challenges (and wins) together so resilience, flexibility and trust are key and group members should demonstrate commitment and skill to take on the responsibility of welcoming and settling a family.

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